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Post A Prayer - (Official Site)

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Enter the site at your own risk. Spam is posted in the forum which may include inappropriate content. You agree to hold harmless Post A Prayer by visiting the site. Prayers are made public when posted for others to make prayer for you. Your information is made public.

Post A Prayer ( is a prayer request website form that allows you to post a prayer into a prayer forum or a prayer results page. It was started in 2004 with a simple html form page, and a phpbb forum. PAP welcomes all faiths to make an online prayer request.

Praying has been a habit of man as long as history books can go back. It is the act of one self meditating and worshiping to God. 

When you post a prayer at you will be posting in a safe environment. We attempt to remove any and all Spam posted to the forum or prayer-wall. 

Please post into the faith or category that you wish to pray into when submitting a prayer. For example do not post Christian prayer into the Islam prayer category nor Islam prayer into Christian prayer. Abuse of this may result in prayer removal and you may be banned from the site. 

IP address' are logged for those who post a prayer. Post A Prayer reserves the right to remove any prayer at any-time, and post your prayer on your behalf within the site, on youtube or any of its affiliate websites. Post prayer requests now!

PAP is a prayer request website where you can submit prayers online and pray online. When you post a prayer, your prayer is then passed from the web form, and onto the prayer wall; your prayer then becomes public. If you want a private prayer you may use the 'contact us' page above. 

Post A Prayer is responsive website for mobile and tablet environments.

How to pray:
Prayer is a form of meditation and prayer to a creator or God.  Prayer is an internal voice that generally gives thanks, shows gratitude, or can be a cry for help. A  prayer request can be one that requests help for a special need in someones life. An example of an prayer request would be: "Please  help me financially so I can feed my family and afford a place to live." or "Bless all the people who have prayed Post A Prayer over the years. We truly hope their prayer get answered.

You can prayer NOW!

When to pray:
Anytime is a good time to post a prayer, but you generally want to set aside five or ten minutes (or more) to have a private time or conversation with God. Prayer can be done in public, however, this is not as common as prayer in private. It can also be done when you feel sad or happy.

 Why do you want to pray?
Typically it makes one feel closer to God to Post A Prayer, whom you believe in. There are many different names for the word God, and you want to pray to have a good relationship with God.

 Who should pray? 

Everyone who feels the need in their life a void or need to make an expression of their inner thoughts. You should prayer because it tends to make people feel better about themselves, and helps guide them. 

Post A Prayer has seen prayers from ALL sorts of types of religion. It even has an Atheist section which receives prayer on a regular basis. If you have any issues with Post A Prayer you may email 
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