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Established 2004


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Established in 2004 the website, Post A Prayer, started out with a site structure that was geographical targeting different areas of the world. PAP's mission is to be the largest online prayer website in the world by attraction rather than promotion. 

You can pray 24-7 and make prayer requests now. Prayer can be made anytime for any reason. When you post a prayer that prayer is sent to a prayer wall and/or group.

PAP is a prayer website that welcomes any faith to pray. Christian prayer, Islam prayer, Buddhism prayer, Hinduism prayer, and all other major religions are able to pray.

Post A Prayer was started in 2004 by Scott Turner as a HTML prayer request website that has since received thousands of prayers, and millions of visitors. In 2006 and 2012 the site was revamped and boasted a new look and feel with customized functionality.

 Scott Turner

CEO - Scott Turner 

USA - San Diego

Prayer request - Healing Prayer

The 2006 site development was originally made using html, and later in 2012 upgraded to a CMS Joomla platform with a custom php web form. 

  Joomla logo

The Joomla developer was Sadaqat Ali who collaberated with Scott Turner in the design and fully made the development for the 2012 revamping. See the press release. 

  Sadaqat Ali Baber
CTO - Sadaqat Ali
2012 Web Developer & Programmer

Again in 2016 the site was revamped using a third party solution, Zohosites and it is now a responsive mobile website. 

In 2018 the site was integrated with both Joomla and the third party provider Zoho into the sites design. 

Zoho Sites  

Scott Turner developed the Joomla portion of the site which included the Post A Prayer forum. The forum since has been taken down due to spam in the forum. The site itself has received millions of registrations as a result the spam was controlled by using both Zohosites, YahooGroups, and GoogleGroups.


Today the (2019) site is being developed using hard coded html without the use of sitebuilder or a cms.


Post A Prayer History & Timeline 

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