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Established 2004


Online prayer

Established in 2004 the site started out with a site structure that was geographical targeting different areas of the world. The websites mission is to be the largest online prayer website in the world by attraction rather than promotion. 

Post A Prayer online and pray online now. Online prayer can be made anytime. Post prayer at

Post A Prayer is an online prayer website where people can post prayer from ANY religion, ANY time, from ANY where! Christian prayer, Islam prayer, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all other major religions are welcome to pray online at Post A Prayer Prayer.


Prayer online

Post A Prayer was started in 2004 as and on-line prayer request website and has since received thousands of prayers. In 2012 the site was revamped and boasted a new look and feel.
The site development was originally made using html in 2005, and later upgraded to a CMS Joomla platform along with custom php in 2012. Again in 2016 the site was revamped using a third party solution and it is now a responsive mobile website. Today (2017) we have integrated both Joomla and the third party provider into the sites design.

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