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I mean, one can usually tell when ones family members rather see one thrive than die. In my case I don’t always feel the warm and fuzzies. My brother the DMD,, who is widely successful, let’s me sleep in a homeless shelter and is comfortable believing ramped drug use and indulgence is what landed me a cot at the nearby shelter. My mom has my daughter believing the same too. Sure, I like to have an $90 dollar a month habit that includes fun but in no way shape or form did I ever go over board in my finances using drugs or alcohol to a level that deserved being homeless. These guys make me feel like I was shoveling ten pounds of Peruvian flake into my veins. I feel like my brother the doctor, daughter, and mother all want me dead so they cm gain control of my assets.

They then or now would turn and blame my mental health as the reason for thinking this way. Am I sick, or are they?


Oh what a beautiful day.

Woke up completely 100 percent poor with only 2 dollars to my name, cash. Not sure where my next sip of clean water is coming from. It is just the facts of where I am at today. My friends, family and colleagues have all had their share of pegging a stake into my back. It's just the way it is.

For some Godly reason my head is positive. Hunger and thirst haven't really set in yet; after I spent my 2 bucks on a salad at Ralphs. I really wish and visualize I was kicking back in my den being bathed in the riches of the world tasting the sweet nectar. They have it hid the riches, and locked it up so I can not kill them with it. I need to set a new mood and say never ever use money to kill someone or dog. You become the bad blood and your money does too.

Bad blood is the problem. Every seven to ten years any organization needs to purge its bad blood and cycle in the organic good. It is like growing vegatbles on the farm, the dirt need to be churned.

That blood needs to either die or run to the underground where it can live its life in the shadows of darkness. Shame on me, for I have yet to walk both worlds, but clearly I see the next dimension's demons. They seem not friendly and not agitated as well. There faces do scare most as the come across in demonic or alien shapes.

Thirst. I need good clean water. I need all my old friends back like I need a hole in my head. Time and travel and who knows who you will see. Who knows whose been your friend. Who cares. Keep your spirits grand and your mind bright.