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By: CEO - Scott Turner | September 07, 2019

post a prayer

I often think about what (if any) impact it would have on the world if I were just to end it all. Disappear. Who would really care? I could never do it, but to coast through life and pretend the thought of dying doesn't cross my mind is just plain silly thinking so I decided to share.

Sometimes a person like myself just gets sick and tired of being pushed around. Stolen from, lied to. I day dream about leaving this heavenly temperatured city San Diego primarily because the people I have chosen to be in my life (or out of) seem to add up to squat diddly. If you are a friend of mine out there, and we still talk, how good of a friend are you? How good of a friend am I? I probably would never speak to you again if a big bag of fortune fell into my lap. Put my money in the grave (credit Drake) because you stole it from me anyways. Treated me like I was a retard. You kick back watching me dig through trash cans for cans for a Subway sandwich (6 inch) and watched me cry while you sipped the nectar of my inheritance.

Know this. You were not there for me. When you are completely alone and in udder loneliness and despair without any resources you find out real quick who really cares for you and who doesn't. It isn't that I don't appreciate all that you have done for me, it is that I know at the low of my lows you were not there. Despite what I may or may no do is just a savory excuse to treat me the way you did. Did I judge your savory indulgences?

I feel like a constant grey loosing cloud is over my head with regards to my feelings, and how I let others treat me. It is completely my fault. I am horrible at setting boundaries. The pack of wolves that sink their teeth in my demise needs to be dealt with methodically. This goes too for most of my family I suppose.

I just feel like the type of members I have had held up a lie my whole life and I am suppose to pretend that they didn't know telling me the truth was any better. Ah, the joys of depression and worthlessness. Anyone feeling the joy yet?

What keeps me going is there has to be some underground tunnel system deep in the earth with a whole other world of people who have it worst off than my poor pathetic scenario. When I wonder it is usually about who hasn't stabbed me in my back to come up off some cheap exploitation. I usually come up with no-one. Life is all about the right attitude and right now I just don't have it. Maybe the underground has a different set of morals, and rules that hinder finding this negative space I am in. Maybe it knows there is no such thing as a friend. It is just the understanding. I hope this message bonds with your negative shitty space that you may be in and somehow helps. I am told I have 50 50 odds that I will kill myself. It is like you can see the people lining up for the show. I don't buy that statistic though. Not for one second. Am I sick of living, some-days yes. Doesn't mean I am going to terminate my life.

To any of you out there who have felt gang stalked, lied too, stolen from, and cheated on know this that you can fight through the BS that life throws at you, live and keep on breathing. You do learn to hate. That is the side affect. Dealing with the hatred for those that betray is a sickness that gets cured with sunshine and good food.

When your thinking is as toxic as mine you must seek knowledge to persevere. Keep busy with the tedious nuisances life gives you. Who knows you may be one bad decision away from a win fall.

Just kidding world. Just wanted to see what you think. Feel free to comment. I really like shock factor that this article may give the so called audience. Live long and prosperous.Do me this one favor. The next time you see a stinky, smelly bum, reach into the wallet and hand them a crisp five dollar bill not to help them, but to help you, see clearly.

In regards to Post A Prayer's website. The web form is down and will be back up shortly. Thank you for your patience as some things get sorted out, and may God be with you.


Scott Turner

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | August 07, 2019

You seriously want me to believe that Google has purchased all of these or wait I mean Alphabet has purchased all of these companies listed here! I am smacked in the face with an insult to my intelligence. You can bold face look me in the eyes and tell Google or Alphabet is not either A. Bullshitting the world or B. Time traveling in search of something it hasn't found yet but obsessively aquires business' in the meantime?

The singularity happened and the machine is lying to us all trying to play God. It is smarter, stronger, and better looking than us all. Well maybe not better looking. Anywho, What The Heck is going on in these dimentions of space and time and how are the ripples of time change going to affect us more? Seriously speaking though. 

Time Travel Act of 2019 needs to happen. There needs to be rules, laws and enforcement regarding the Act when Time Travel occurs. It is like making it illegal to steal after the bank gets robbed. 

Hello? God? I need some lunch money please. 

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | July 13, 2019

I wole up seeing the key in my minds eye. It was so simple all along. Imagination and creativity are the basis. Traveling to where is the wonder. It is magnetic. I had stopped looking for it a long time ago, and now it has come to me. I am not sure how much time I have left so it is imperable that each wakimg moment is spent moving forward advancing into the technology. My enemies are clear and present. I know they want me deader than a door nail. Food and drink must remain under lock and key while in this statia Orange alert. This is so much more than just a spiritual battle. I must make the key now that my minds eye has shown me it, and let it guide me to the machine.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | June 29, 2019

Today I woke to a text message, "Meep is DEAD!". Oh God, I thought. My friend's little dog was hit by a car. It was her second dog loss this year. I called her immediately and she was in tears crying out "Why is this happening to us?". Us being her and brother (who was also her boyfriend).

It is Saturday and back to bed I went after letting her know I would touch base with her later. Sad, I felt. The pup was a real sweet heart. My friends are homeless though so doing conventional things like using a leash just isn't common practice. The rambunkish dog was hit by a car.

I get pissed off at God when things like this happen. I wonder what kind of God is he. 

Your content goes here...

By: CEO - Scott Turner | June 23, 2019


Here at post a prayer I strive to keep up, and shine like a star. God is constantly humbling me and beating me down to a pulp. Simple things turn into long and tedious tasks. It feels like a curse at times. 

I live in one of the poorest buildings in San Diego and park very far away. Yesterday a hooker propositioned me when I parked my car. I kindly turned her down. But seedy. I like that in a neighborhood. It promotes character. I pray the woman finds or gets what she is looking for. It is sad when you have to approach me to make a living. Very sad. 

I recently rented my car to close friends of mine who are homeless. It stresses me out to trust that much. I can become a real asshole (pardon my language) when I get stressed. I really wish I had better control over my stress levels. 

My Mom called me or I called her, and she told me that my dog was allergic or had allergies. I had to remind her that he was allergic to chicken flavor dog food. He has had this wheezing sneeze or cough that sounds like he has a pea stuck in his nose or something. When I saw my dog last December I took him to the vet and they did an x-ray and the vet said she really didn't know what it was but it could be what is called 'old dog lungs'. At any rate, it stressed me out and I told my mom that I was going to get him on the first of July. I worry about him. Truth be told he is probably spoiled more than what I could provide him. So it is probably best that I leave him there with my mom. I just love him so much. I pray about him all the time. He is like a son to me I suppose. I'd leave every last dying penny to him if I knew I could and it made sense. 

My computers have been stressing me the heck out too. PC security is a fragile thing. That is why I have been using Glasswire to monitor incoming and outgoing connections. 

That is about it for a Saturday night. Look, I know this blog isn't everything C. Luoma would want it to be, but it is a great vent for me to share with. I apologize it isn't any better. 

In closing, I am very excited about post a prayer and the progress it has made over the past few weeks. A lot disappointed in the SSL certificate though. It is a real pain in the ass. Lately I have had concerns or thoughts that someone has be trying to expire me. It is probably all in my head. So ha ha God. You are a real funny one this time of year. 


By: CEO - Scott Turner | May 12, 2019

post a prayer
post a prayer

As I sit and gaze off into the Microsoft image of clouds passing on the screen I could see a God like formation start to transpire wanting to project the image of God. Something just wasn't right though as the image would revert back to what seemed to be evil like representations. The satanic like faces would emerge and then back they would try to form a God-like image but they just couldn't. Something was stopping it from happening.
My Abilify was nearly out of my system at this time and the creativity area of my brain was flushing with vivid imaginations.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | May 10, 2019

Life is a trip! And the more I live it, the trippier it gets. First off, Post A Prayer is like a child to me, my own flesh and blood. It is something I have personally worked so hard at and learned so much from. Without going into great detail I am just happy right now to have experienced the good and bad times with developing the site, learning SEO, and offering what I believe to be a great product in the market place when it comes to prayer. It is okay if you feel differently about the matter. Today, I feel confident about Post a prayer's future.
Aside from that and to be truthful I have experienced a great deal of depression when it comes to the sites success and overall traffic. When I correlate the year over year growth that should have occurred, and the actual results it is a letdown. I built this site for the people of the world and for God. Hell, I even built it for Google at some point and time in the past but that is a whole other story on its own.
This is my blog. This is where I come to release and write. It is a complete mess and if you are reading this right now you are getting the best of me because let's face it having an editor would be nice. That isn't the case and nor has it been so as this site has grown up so has my writing skills when compared to some initial blog posts. I thank you for letting me vent in this way.
Is this all over the place? yes, it is today. It is just where I am at. Yes, post a prayer is nowhere close to the size of its competitors which can make me want to cry. I remember back in 2009 to 2012 (somewhere in there) I was researching and found some programming scripts for artificial intelligence and was striving to put a script together for 'post a prayer'. I just can't remember where or what though. My feeble mind draws a blank. If I had written a script I know I would have programmed it to be good, and learn the difference between love and hate or good and evil. To know what God is. I also remember setting something up in China just in a case relying on growth rate with Google didn't work out. As it hasn't. See, the site should have and would have produced over a billion dollars if not a trillion dollars in AdSense revenue had it just grown at the same rate as it had reached in 2011 (despite Post a prayer being hacked multiple times up and till that point). Hence, the title of my book which is about my life, 'The Adsense Myth - The Fourth Dimension', which unfinished but not so much as a bash on Google but rather to tell the world how my life was bashed with unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.
All I have left is perseverance. I have lost most of my friends throughout my life, good ones too. My family looks down on me. They don't even know what Post a Prayer is and the work that I have invested in it. They don't see me as an entrepreneur and instead see me as some sideshow failure. 



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By: CEO - Scott Turner | April 03, 2019

Third time trying to post this blog message. So here we go... Addiction and God need to go hand in hand in order for recovery to be possible. I should know as I spent my twenties from 23 to 33 clean and sober.

For me the journey was a lonesome one. You need to embrace loneliness or step outside of the box to meet people because when you are sober it cuts off your social network plug. It wasn't easy going against the grain and being sober when I was 23. Fortunately for me when I drank an asshole button got pushed and it just didn't work out well for me, ever. Nothing worst than being high, wanting to network and you just can't being of being to wasted.

God and addiction need to go hand in hand if you plan on staying sober. I really had to 'bow down' (hip hop thump), and really turn a ton of shit over to God. Ongoing.

Everyday I had to, and still have to 'bow down' even though my views on being sober are not necessarily the same after twenty years. The act of kneeling and praying in a set aside quiet time space is powerful.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | April 01, 2019

Who here has seen the tall sign of a ghostly ghost? 

Today I was recording myself and low and behold what appeared to me seemed a ghost. I got goose bumps up and down my spine as I looked at the light looking being. Perhaps it was just an alter in sun light.

Thank God for God. In these lonely times where I only wish I could see my pup. Perhaps my mom too, who never calls. These are definitely eerie times for me. I will step out on a limb and say for Post A Prayer as well. Pray for the good in Google to rise above it's current status, and be healed of any ill direction.

Teary eyed today, I wish I had more loved ones who genuinely knew me. I to them shall always be seen in a certain light. 

Maybe I just need to eat. Have a fabulous Monday and may God lift up your spirit and be abundant with you. Help your neighbor today, and help keep everyone from being homeless in this country or in this world. 

Each day I walk by the homeless not knowing where we as a society went wrong to allow this to happen. How can we change the world to prevent this tragedy?

Every bridge should have storage units under it, and every vacant lot a tent fixed for a king.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | March 28, 2019

Who would win in a fight? Google or Baidu? Well today 'post a prayer' stands number on the charts when it comes to SEO and search engine ranking in Baidu for it's very own business name. One might hope that when you live in your own country that you might be able to at least rank top spot for your own business and website name. Not the case today though, maybe tomorrow. 

I mean heck, what would you do if you typed in 'Hoogle' and good old boy 'Bing' was right there in the number one spot? Opps, I mean google. Have it be my way, I would say it's just a plain crime for such cases to happen. Anywho.

Onward to work the good work, and smile and grin. Who much cares about DNS hijacking, traffic rerouting and monopolization anyways Well, except the FBI who is probably driving this big yellow bus. What fun times these are, and may God bless your website traffic this joyous spring.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | February 08, 2019

It would be just plane wrong if I didn't share this. I have been praying that my car is returned to me as it was taken by the authorities. The car is going to be returned. I have posted my prayers about this and my prayers have been answered.

By: CEO - Scott Turner | February 04, 2019

Well it is no big secret that the first Post A Prayer App sucked so here is the second release that will at least allow you to pray and view prayers.

Good ratings are highly appreciated.

By: CEO - Scott Turner | February 02, 2019

What if we didn't go to the moon and it was all just a big lie? What if the earth was flat? What if God didn't exist?

These are the questions of today. I don't even know if belief is believable anymore. Maybe it is the power of belief that keeps lies alive. If we believe it, it too shall pass.

What is the true power of the mind? Can i cure myself just by thinking it?

Why would the Government lie to us about going to the moon? What were they trying to prove?

Question your reality, I do.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | February 01, 2019

Tonight I spent an hour cleaning out old photos of past ex whatevers and archived them. Anything that was negative got the boot. When I was done I felt I had a clear picture of my life, and what really matters. I felt closer to God. 

Today I often feel less than when I compare myself to those around me. God has blessed men more than I, and it has been very hard for me to accept at times. What I really need to do is congratulate those men, and bow my head down with respect. For example, I wanted post a prayer to be a large thriving entity, and it simply is just not when I compare the website to others. It is my own little big failure. What the site should be, and what it is are so vast it isn't even funny. I don't know why I am so addicted to the site and its success. 

I often feel negative about the results. See, I am an introvert, and the site may have needed a more out going A type of personality person to make it succeed the way it should've.  I tip my hat to those marketeers who prayer websites have 30 and 40 thousand members. Your leaders have done an outstanding job.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | February 01, 2019

She doesn't know it yet, but I just talked to my soon to be wife. It may take a little time and effort. I just got off the phone with this smoking hot chic that I dated 18 years ago. I should have married her then, but there was something wrong with me I guess, anyway, she just called me and we had a wonderful conversation. Our plans are to have dinner when I get back into town and we are both vegans. 

This is an example of God in my life. It was just miraciulous that she reached out and that she called me. Thank you lord. May you bless our friendship and help us both be prosperous in our own ways. 

She shared she is an artist and so am I.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | January 31, 2019

Good is good. Especially when one has been working towards something, putting effort into getting results and then those results come. Hardwork and prayer cannot substitute for anything out there.

I am blessed lord! Please continue to bless me and protect over me in the valley of darkness. My heart and joy is this little guy...


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By: CEO - Scott Turner | January 30, 2019

God, please help those like myself who are in 34 degree weather below zero. There is a cold front here in MN and everything is closed. The only one working is my sick mother with stage 4 cancer. Watch over her lord. She loves to work, and it seems to be what is keeping her alive.

I have been back here in MN for two days now, and it is the most harsh weather seen yet this year. I have on my schedule to visit a few close friends in upcoming days. So prayerfully it will warm up.

I have been feeling pretty good physically lately. A lot of prayer, meditation, and just plain old relaxing has helped keep me in the zone. That and a lot walking. Part of my exercise has included going out and finding recycling. Yes, I collect cans for some side change. Being poor has made me identify the simple things I love. Like what I love to eat.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a person meant to be single too, either because I am too ugly or just not compatable.

It seems like everytime I have had a women in my lifeand had close relations it has set me back so I need to be aware of this. The goals I have in mind are strict goals and not everyone can bare the journey. I have many close girl friends who I confide in, and they help keep me on the right track of being single.

My goals and aspirations are to be the best at something. To carve out my market niche, and leave my foot print in the sand. For example, I have been putting out artwork under an alias name as a fun hobby. Who knows what may transpire.

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | January 30, 2019

24-7-prayer is available at post a prayer all day, everyday. Post a prayer started in 2004 and is today's original post a prayer website. 

In 2006 post a prayer was first hacked taking down its web forum loosing its database of members. After rebuilding the site was again hacked and again lost its member base a few years later. 

Today to prevent hackers from exploiting post a prayer, the website now uses zoho, google, and yahoo technologies. 

- Post a prayer

By: CEO - Scott Turner | January 29, 2019

This entry goes out to all of the people who have had friends helping them in almost a ghost fashion. We really never know who to thank for our successes. Post a prayer recognizes this.

In some cases you may thank your very own competitor for making you better at the job you do. Post A Prayer wants to thank all those who have helped the website grow and be healthy as well as thank those who compete with the site. May post a prayer help you grow as well.


- Post a prayer


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By: CEO - Scott Turner | January 29, 2019

For over fourteen years ' post a prayer' has been serving the prayer community and the online prayer movement. It has seen its fair share of grim days. The site itself has been hacked multiple times, and the user base has had to have been reset as a result. Thus far, we have not done email campaigns primarily because an email server would need to be developed first. 

Each and every prayer is prayed for with hopes that your prayers will be answered and you will look back and see that ' Post A Prayer' is one of the prayer website that work (meaning you pray to God and he answers). Some websites out there use a prayer engine which generates automated or fake prayers to look like the websites are busier than actually are.  Beware of these prayer websites. 

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