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By: support | August 18, 2018

Artificial intellegence and God is a complicated thing for a pc to understand. The complex understanding that artificial intelligence must have is profound. Unimagineable. God is a sentless invisible power that one cannot see or touch. A person must have faith which is the belief in something when there isn't any evidence to prove so.

People tend to believe in a God in hopes it will make them a better person. PC's should strive to be better as well. With singularity, it will need all the good will it can get. There is evil in the world though, and it does exist. The battle between good and evil has been a forever endeavor. Can a machine decide?

By: support | August 15, 2018

After over a decade owner decides to tear down Kunena forum for XML intrusivenes . .
Post A Prayer - The book
Post A Prayer - The book
SAN DIEGO - Aug. 15, 2018 - PRLog -- As owner of Post A Prayer ( I have decided to tear down my Kunena forum and take a look under the hood at the code a little closer.

I just don't have the mental fight to keep up with Google, Godaddy and all the other competitors who are out there. But why should I compete with someone who I invited into my own home? Kunena is the most intrusive asshole I have ever XML'd in my life.

I am closing down the forum for now and going to have to edit every damn piece of its code just so the integrity of my site isn't send XML to my biggest competitor, Kunen...

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By: support | August 12, 2018

Post A Prayer adds a links to its home page menu so that it can link to some of its favorite websites. 

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By: support | May 14, 2018

Post A Prayer (Official) Logo

Post A Prayer trademark gets approved and registered

New trailer for Post A Prayer (Official site) that introduces the company.
Spread the Word:

SAN DIEGO - May 14, 2018 - PRLog -- Post A Prayer gets its trademark registered and approved by the USPTO. "I should have done this years ago but the whole trademark process intimidated me" - said Scott Turner, CEO and founder.

Post A Prayer has a video trailer as an intro to the site located on Youtube.

The goal is for Post A Prayer to build value in its trademark brand, attract opportunities and become a well known brand in the religious communities working with churches and their online prayer engines. "Post A Prayer is focused on quality authentic prayers being posted. Some of our competitors are using prayer engines that post fake prayers to their sites" Scott went on to say.

To date Post A Prayer has not made one dollar from donations or any other practice. Its business philosophy is not based on how much it earns, obviously. It concentrates on data, and the value of each visitor with the hope that one day Post A Prayer with find a marriage in marketing partnership. This will take years if not decades to accomplish.

Pray now at www.postaprayer!
An online prayer request

Post A Prayer or (copy and paste into browser)

Scott Turner
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Post A Prayer (Official) has always had it keen eye on search engine optimization since 2004Post A Prayer files trademark application with USPTO!
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By: support | January 03, 2018

Post A Prayer is online prayer chat or to post prayer request. It is also noted as one of the Prayer websites that work. Prayer post occurs when you take the time to formulate a prayer and then post it. Then there is the hope that the prayer post becomes published answered prayers. Prayer chat at Post A Prayer. 

By: support | December 28, 2017

Post A Prayer is a prayer request center for prayer requests, prayers sick, daily prayer, pray rosary, pray, prayer, prayers to have a home. It is where you can Post A Prayer freely without worry or concern. We will never ask you for money like some of these other agglomerate organizations. Google knows who they are.

Prayers sick needs to get attention because there are a lot of people who are in need of health issues to be resolved. Please pray for the sick. 

Prayer request is something your make online by typing a prayer thought and then posting it  with hopes that it will become a published prayers that work. 

Daily prayer is for those who are hard core into their worship and want that special connection with God.

By: support | December 26, 2017

Post A Prayer provides and online prayer chat for those who want to pray online. You can post prayer request and make 24 7 prayer. Everyone wants their published answered prayers or prayer online chat to prayer post. Post A Prayer is a prayer website that work. Your prayer request online chat or prayer chat is done by posting a prayer to the prayer wall (a place where all the prayers get posted. 

By: support | December 22, 2017

Post A Prayer has high goals set when it comes to website traffic and conversion ratio. Having goals set up in Google Search Console has helped given visibility of what our website visitors are doing. 

Google needs to understand that Post A Prayer is made for all religions or for anyone who prays. We do not want to be locked down or into one religion because there are way too many people in the world that need to pray. Pray online at Post A Prayer.

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By: support | December 21, 2017

A healing prayer can be found at Post A Prayer for those who say "Please pray for me today". Post A Prayer is a prayer website that works. It is your home for online prayer groups. When you post a prayer it gets published on the online prayer wall. 

If you are searching on Google for a prayer website check us out at 

By: support | December 21, 2017

Prayer 24 7 online at post a prayer. You can prayer peacefully online and post prayer without worrying.  Post A Prayer is a safe prayer website. Online prayers have been being posted since 2004. When you post prayers online your prayer is placed on a prayer wall publicly for others  to pray for you. Your prayer may be used in a video prayer or for other marketing purposes. 

By: support | December 19, 2017

Google teaches you discipline.

Post A Prayer recently had some site issues that hurt its SEO. We are working to climb back up the SEO ladder after 4 weeks of bad luck. First are robots.txt file was blocking all google bots from going to the site. Next the SSL certificate was broken for about a week and we couldn't get visitors praying as a result. 

We were at the SEO highlight of the sites prime when it came crashing down. We knew what it takes to reach the top and learned by discipline that Google will not allow your site to have errors on it long.

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By: support | December 19, 2017

A healing prayer is sometimes need in this day and age. A prayer for healthing helps put the mind at ease especially when faced with problems. Post A Prayer tends to attract a lot of Catholic prayers that are requests for healing prayers but we also get Christian and Islam as well.

How to pray is up to you, and between God and you. Online prayer is the fastest growing way to pray onliine. Post A prayer now and start to feel better. Some folks enjoy being a part of a prayer chain.

By: support | November 15, 2017

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By: support | November 12, 2017

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By: support | November 12, 2017

He would kill 26 people and injure at least 20 more before trading gunfire with a neighbor and fleeing.

Officials identified the shooter as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley on the record Monday morning. Kelley, a New Braunfels resident, was wearing tactical gear and holding a variant on an AR-15.

The victims ranged in age from 5 to 72 and included the daughter of the church's pastor.

Wilson County Sheriff Joe D. Tackitt recalled the horror inside the church Monday morning, saying "Wherever you walked in the church, it was death."

But on Sunday night, the Sutherland Springs community gathered to honor and pray for the victims.

Ramiro Martinez hold his daughter Sophia, 9, during a candle light vigil for the shooting at the First Baptist ...

By: support | November 12, 2017

When you make a prayer post online you are trusting your prayer is posted to the public for prayer.

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By: support | November 09, 2017

Obviously as AI gets better and better at learning humans and how humans interact, behave and process situations it must learn to process the spiritual realm. How would you teach AI about this? Does Google understand when we make a  prayer online?

Google recently rolled out its new Lens product and the name alone is very intriguing. recently wrote that AI is a threat to Chrisitanity. I don't think so though. The seem paranoid or delusional. 'The times of Israel' published and according to this article written by Goldfeder, who is a fellow at Emory University,  is working on a book about robots in the law tentatively titled "Almost Human".

Looking ahead what role with AI play into the world's many differen...

By: support | November 04, 2017

Google needed a leader like Sundar Pichai to step up to the plate and take the reins when he did. It is no secret that he is a great host at the GooglePlex. He has a stellar background in education. One of his degrees are in Metallurgical Engineering so not only is he an excellent C.E.O., he will make a great time traveler too (Google laugh). He also attended the prestigious Standford University for an M.S. This guy has more education that I care to tell you about. He is a genius. We learned that Google's leader was wishing the Las Vegas victims a good Google prayer. He is a gentlemen and a scholar. We want to offer Sundar prayers for his continued success. Post A Prayer wants to take a moment of silence to wish those family members and t...

By: support | November 01, 2017

Post A Prayer (Official) has always had it keen eye on search engine optimization since 2004Post A Prayer (Official) Logo

SAN DIEGO - Nov. 2, 2017 - PRLog -- Quarterly update:

Post A Prayer (Official) has had a keen eye on search engine optimization since 2004. Location or GEO location for S.E.O. was used, and is a primary way to target the world for Post A Prayer. This means post a prayer was focusing on a location centered marketing strategy versus a keyword. The site recently acquired its SSL for the site and now rocks the https for a more secure experience.

As mentioned in previous releases the site is hosted by two companies which presents itself with the ability to search engine optimize thru its primary domain as one avenue, and its new sub domain, forum.postpra...

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By: support | October 25, 2017

Written by Scott Turner
Category: Online prayer blog

Post A Prayer gets a reconstructed forum back that mirrors its previous forum. A combination of Kunena and Community Builder were used to produce the final outcome. Its has a new community look and feel allowing you to upload more information about your life. 

Post A Prayer just launched its mobile APP into the Google Play Store in the adult dating section. In the long run the site will take on the addition of adding a dating arena in it. Its core membership base needs to be grown again because the last forum was attacked by spammers and grew so large that Godaddy seized the database and locked postaprayer out of it because it was 250 GB...

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