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By: CEO - Scott Turner | June 29, 2019

Today I woke to a text message, "Meep is DEAD!". Oh God, I thought. My friend's little dog was hit by a car. It was her second dog loss this year. I called her immediately and she was in tears crying out "Why is this happening to us?". Us being her and brother (who was also her boyfriend).

It is Saturday and back to bed I went after letting her know I would touch base with her later. Sad, I felt. The pup was a real sweet heart. My friends are homeless though so doing conventional things like using a leash just isn't common practice. The rambunkish dog was hit by a car.

I get pissed off at God when things like this happen. I wonder what kind of God is he. 

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By: CEO - Scott Turner | June 23, 2019


Here at post a prayer I strive to keep up, and shine like a star. God is constantly humbling me and beating me down to a pulp. Simple things turn into long and tedious tasks. It feels like a curse at times. 

I live in one of the poorest buildings in San Diego and park very far away. Yesterday a hooker propositioned me when I parked my car. I kindly turned her down. But seedy. I like that in a neighborhood. It promotes character. I pray the woman finds or gets what she is looking for. It is sad when you have to approach me to make a living. Very sad. 

I recently rented my car to close friends of mine who are homeless. It stresses me out to trust that much. I can become a real asshole (pardon my language) when I get stressed. I really wish I had better control over my stress levels. 

My Mom called me or I called her, and she told me that my dog was allergic or had allergies. I had to remind her that he was allergic to chicken flavor dog food. He has had this wheezing sneeze or cough that sounds like he has a pea stuck in his nose or something. When I saw my dog last December I took him to the vet and they did an x-ray and the vet said she really didn't know what it was but it could be what is called 'old dog lungs'. At any rate, it stressed me out and I told my mom that I was going to get him on the first of July. I worry about him. Truth be told he is probably spoiled more than what I could provide him. So it is probably best that I leave him there with my mom. I just love him so much. I pray about him all the time. He is like a son to me I suppose. I'd leave every last dying penny to him if I knew I could and it made sense. 

My computers have been stressing me the heck out too. PC security is a fragile thing. That is why I have been using Glasswire to monitor incoming and outgoing connections. 

That is about it for a Saturday night. Look, I know this blog isn't everything C. Luoma would want it to be, but it is a great vent for me to share with. I apologize it isn't any better. 

In closing, I am very excited about post a prayer and the progress it has made over the past few weeks. A lot disappointed in the SSL certificate though. It is a real pain in the ass. Lately I have had concerns or thoughts that someone has be trying to expire me. It is probably all in my head. So ha ha God. You are a real funny one this time of year. 


By: CEO - Scott Turner | December 21, 2017

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