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By: Support admin | January 30, 2019

God, please help those like myself who are in 34 degree weather below zero. There is a cold front here in MN and everything is closed. The only one working is my sick mother with stage 4 cancer. Watch over her lord. She loves to work, and it seems to be what is keeping her alive.

I have been back here in MN for two days now, and it is the most harsh weather seen yet this year. I have on my schedule to visit a few close friends in upcoming days. So prayerfully it will warm up.

I have been feeling pretty good physically lately. A lot of prayer, meditation, and just plain old relaxing has helped keep me in the zone. That and a lot walking. Part of my exercise has included going out and finding recycling. Yes, I collect cans for some side change. Being poor has made me identify the simple things I love. Like what I love to eat.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a person meant to be single too, either because I am too ugly or just not compatable.

It seems like everytime I have had a women in my lifeand had close relations it has set me back so I need to be aware of this. The goals I have in mind are strict goals and not everyone can bare the journey. I have many close girl friends who I confide in, and they help keep me on the right track of being single.

My goals and aspirations are to be the best at something. To carve out my market niche, and leave my foot print in the sand. For example, I have been putting out artwork under an alias name as a fun hobby. Who knows what may transpire.

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