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By: CEO - Scott Turner | November 09, 2017

Obviously as AI gets better and better at learning humans and how humans interact, behave and process situations it must learn to process the spiritual realm. How would you teach AI about this? Does Google understand when we make a  prayer online?

Google recently rolled out its new Lens product and the name alone is very intriguing. recently wrote that AI is a threat to Chrisitanity. I don't think so though. The seem paranoid or delusional. 'The times of Israel' published and according to this article written by Goldfeder, who is a fellow at Emory University,  is working on a book about robots in the law tentatively titled "Almost Human".

Looking ahead what role with AI play into the world's many different religions? Posting a prayer onlinne is becoming the trend for those who are in need or prayer. ?

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