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By: Support admin | March 28, 2019

Who would win in a fight? Google or Baidu? Well today 'post a prayer' stands number on the charts when it comes to SEO and search engine ranking in Baidu for it's very own business name. One might hope that when you live in your own country that you might be able to at least rank top spot for your own business and website name. Not the case today though, maybe tomorrow. 

I mean heck, what would you do if you typed in 'Hoogle' and good old boy 'Bing' was right there in the number one spot? Opps, I mean google. Have it be my way, I would say it's just a plain crime for such cases to happen. Anywho.

Onward to work the good work, and smile and grin. Who much cares about DNS hijacking, traffic rerouting and monopolization anyways Well, except the FBI who is probably driving this big yellow bus. What fun times these are, and may God bless your website traffic this joyous spring.

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