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By: support | November 01, 2017

Post A Prayer (Official) has always had it keen eye on search engine optimization since 2004Post A Prayer (Official) Logo

SAN DIEGO - Nov. 2, 2017 - PRLog -- Quarterly update:

Post A Prayer (Official) has had a keen eye on search engine optimization since 2004. Location or GEO location for S.E.O. was used, and is a primary way to target the world for Post A Prayer. This means post a prayer was focusing on a location centered marketing strategy versus a keyword. The site recently acquired its SSL for the site and now rocks the https for a more secure experience.

As mentioned in previous releases the site is hosted by two companies which presents itself with the ability to search engine optimize thru its primary domain as one avenue, and its new sub domain, as a another. A forum was recently launched on the sub domain, and is the second forum in the sites history. The prior forum was attached, and almost immediately after launch the second forum was attached by spammers and hackers. They generate a full time job in web security for the site and are very annoying.

Site backups are religiously being done to insure that when changes are made or when hackers intrude a roll back of the site can be done effectively and efficiently. Firewalls have also been put in place recently in the forum, and the site now has three separate firewalls to hedge off the attackers. This was enough, however, when using three firewalls it affects the forums functionality.  Christian prayers still tend to dominate the website. The prayers are placed into the forum manually until it reaches a prior glory of seven thousand plus prayers and the forum generates its own activity.

The primary domain is fast and holding steady and several prayer post will come in daily. A new goal to hit is thirty per day and will be obtained by having a focus on more external optimization. Statistics that show up to eighteen hundred visitors a day and will continue to tweak the site until it captures more prayer posts. This dose not seem to match Google Console yet but to remain hopeful is key.

Press releases, blogging, and start to engage with back linking are in store for the future.

Scott Turner
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