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By: Support admin | January 27, 2019

I am returning home to visit my 12 year old dog, Cubby-bear. He is the world to me. I have used Post A Prayer many times to pray about him returning to my life. Today I will make a temporary journey to see him from sunny San Diego CA to shivering Brainerd MN. Burr. . .

He is so worth the trip though. I swear the last day I was with him and I was leaving him at my mothers he came up to me and had a tear drop in his eye. I assured him he would be just fine, kissed him and cuddled him and then off I went. It was a sad day. God definitely put this dog in my life. He is an angel sent being. I live him so much.

I have used Post A Prayer many times to post prayers about him and I reuniting and being a family again. I will continue to post a prayer regarding him until the day I die. This little dog captured my heart. I don't understand how his mother (my ex-wife) ever left him. She must be heartless.

I pray that this little dog has a long long joyous life. It means so much to me that he is healthy and well.


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