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By: CEO - Scott Turner | June 23, 2019


Here at post a prayer I strive to keep up, and shine like a star. God is constantly humbling me and beating me down to a pulp. Simple things turn into long and tedious tasks. It feels like a curse at times. 

I live in one of the poorest buildings in San Diego and park very far away. Yesterday a hooker propositioned me when I parked my car. I kindly turned her down. But seedy. I like that in a neighborhood. It promotes character. I pray the woman finds or gets what she is looking for. It is sad when you have to approach me to make a living. Very sad. 

I recently rented my car to close friends of mine who are homeless. It stresses me out to trust that much. I can become a real asshole (pardon my language) when I get stressed. I really wish I had better control over my stress levels. 

My Mom called me or I called her, and she told me that my dog was allergic or had allergies. I had to remind her that he was allergic to chicken flavor dog food. He has had this wheezing sneeze or cough that sounds like he has a pea stuck in his nose or something. When I saw my dog last December I took him to the vet and they did an x-ray and the vet said she really didn't know what it was but it could be what is called 'old dog lungs'. At any rate, it stressed me out and I told my mom that I was going to get him on the first of July. I worry about him. Truth be told he is probably spoiled more than what I could provide him. So it is probably best that I leave him there with my mom. I just love him so much. I pray about him all the time. He is like a son to me I suppose. I'd leave every last dying penny to him if I knew I could and it made sense. 

My computers have been stressing me the heck out too. PC security is a fragile thing. That is why I have been using Glasswire to monitor incoming and outgoing connections. 

That is about it for a Saturday night. Look, I know this blog isn't everything C. Luoma would want it to be, but it is a great vent for me to share with. I apologize it isn't any better. 

In closing, I am very excited about post a prayer and the progress it has made over the past few weeks. A lot disappointed in the SSL certificate though. It is a real pain in the ass. Lately I have had concerns or thoughts that someone has be trying to expire me. It is probably all in my head. So ha ha God. You are a real funny one this time of year. 


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