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By: CEO - Scott Turner | May 10, 2019

Life is a trip! And the more I live it, the trippier it gets. First off, Post A Prayer is like a child to me, my own flesh and blood. It is something I have personally worked so hard at and learned so much from. Without going into great detail I am just happy right now to have experienced the good and bad times with developing the site, learning SEO, and offering what I believe to be a great product in the market place when it comes to prayer. It is okay if you feel differently about the matter. Today, I feel confident about Post a prayer's future.
Aside from that and to be truthful I have experienced a great deal of depression when it comes to the sites success and overall traffic. When I correlate the year over year growth that should have occurred, and the actual results it is a letdown. I built this site for the people of the world and for God. Hell, I even built it for Google at some point and time in the past but that is a whole other story on its own.
This is my blog. This is where I come to release and write. It is a complete mess and if you are reading this right now you are getting the best of me because let's face it having an editor would be nice. That isn't the case and nor has it been so as this site has grown up so has my writing skills when compared to some initial blog posts. I thank you for letting me vent in this way.
Is this all over the place? yes, it is today. It is just where I am at. Yes, post a prayer is nowhere close to the size of its competitors which can make me want to cry. I remember back in 2009 to 2012 (somewhere in there) I was researching and found some programming scripts for artificial intelligence and was striving to put a script together for 'post a prayer'. I just can't remember where or what though. My feeble mind draws a blank. If I had written a script I know I would have programmed it to be good, and learn the difference between love and hate or good and evil. To know what God is. I also remember setting something up in China just in a case relying on growth rate with Google didn't work out. As it hasn't. See, the site should have and would have produced over a billion dollars if not a trillion dollars in AdSense revenue had it just grown at the same rate as it had reached in 2011 (despite Post a prayer being hacked multiple times up and till that point). Hence, the title of my book which is about my life, 'The Adsense Myth - The Fourth Dimension', which unfinished but not so much as a bash on Google but rather to tell the world how my life was bashed with unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.
All I have left is perseverance. I have lost most of my friends throughout my life, good ones too. My family looks down on me. They don't even know what Post a Prayer is and the work that I have invested in it. They don't see me as an entrepreneur and instead see me as some sideshow failure. 



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