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By: CEO - Scott Turner | August 07, 2019

You seriously want me to believe that Google has purchased all of these or wait I mean Alphabet has purchased all of these companies listed here! I am smacked in the face with an insult to my intelligence. You can bold face look me in the eyes and tell Google or Alphabet is not either A. Bullshitting the world or B. Time traveling in search of something it hasn't found yet but obsessively aquires business' in the meantime?

The singularity happened and the machine is lying to us all trying to play God. It is smarter, stronger, and better looking than us all. Well maybe not better looking. Anywho, What The Heck is going on in these dimentions of space and time and how are the ripples of time change going to affect us more? Seriously speaking though. 

Time Travel Act of 2019 needs to happen. There needs to be rules, laws and enforcement regarding the Act when Time Travel occurs. It is like making it illegal to steal after the bank gets robbed. 

Hello? God? I need some lunch money please. 

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