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By: Support admin | January 26, 2019

Well we played to rest my friends pet, Pixie, who dies because of a car collision her mom was in. The airbag hit her so hard that it fractured the 2.3 lb pups skull. We are cremation her thanks to another good friend of ours, Angela.


Sarah, the pups mother, is devastated. We all our. Pixie was only 4 years old and was the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Her life was just precious. I pray for my friends heart to heal. In fact, if you are reading this blog post right now I would ask you please to post a prayer, anywhere, to heal her heart. 

Post A Prayer is about the prayer movement of online prayer and encourages you to just pray and post a prayer no matter where you choose to do so. There is just something magical about it. A blessing occurs.

While praying will not bring Pixie back to life, it will help us in understanding maybe what purpose each little thing in our life brings to us.

Pray for Pixie 

Pixie Girl our lives our forever changed by your little soul and its presence. 

Pixie Girls paw 

Good bye precious. May God watch over your little puppy soul.


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