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By: Support admin | October 25, 2017

Written by Scott Turner
Category: Online prayer blog

Post A Prayer gets a reconstructed forum back that mirrors its previous forum. A combination of Kunena and Community Builder were used to produce the final outcome. Its has a new community look and feel allowing you to upload more information about your life. 

Post A Prayer just launched its mobile APP into the Google Play Store in the adult dating section. In the long run the site will take on the addition of adding a dating arena in it. Its core membership base needs to be grown again because the last forum was attacked by spammers and grew so large that Godaddy seized the database and locked postaprayer out of it because it was 250 GB or more. We are in need of any attorney's who may be willing to help get this data back from Godaddy.

We are back up an running and the spam is minimal so we will monitor the sites growth more closely. 

Category: How to pray 



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