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By: CEO - Scott Turner | December 21, 2016

Ranking high in search engines is not an easy gig when it comes to online prayer. The competition is fierce. We have seen our competitors rank high when their page description is dynamic and changes everyday. For us at Post A Prayer, we just don't have the resources to automate our description so that it changes daily. We see that as tricking the Google system anyways. What we find is that we write the best description possible to attract new visitors to our page it seems to sit well with Google. Why does our competition beat us when their page has a dynamic, non descriptive description on their 24-7prayer post a prayer web page? We don't know. We assume they have a higher ranking authority that Google favors over the importance of an accurate meta description. We currently rank number two for the keyword Google Post A Prayer and rightfully so. I mean, wouldn't Google get pissed off if you Google Googled itself, and Bing was above them in the search engine? 

We use to be on the front page of Google for keyword phrases like 'Prayer online' and 'online prayer', and now we can't even rank in the top 100. When we did rank well we did some test marketing and ran a PRweb ad and it gave us two great things.... number one was white-hat SEO back-links, and number two was partnering with a well known brand in the market place, PRweb. What wasn't good was how it was on the pocket book. See Post A Prayer is not website that generates income from church members, or donations. It's sole income is dictated by the number of visitors it get's each month. That's it. 

I will get off my soap opera box and just share with the world what doesn't work. What is it about our competition that makes them number one for our business entities name? Is it the formula of using video, prayers posted, and structured meta tag data? 

We don't know the formula or even a fraction of it. When I compare the back-links my competitor has to Post A Prayer it is ridiculous. Post A Prayer fails. We put out the most ethical content we can, and we can't even rank in Alexa. It just seems like you gotta have money, or generate from some other source and use towards online growth in order to be someone. We thank Zoho for giving us a tool so that we could more focus on SEO than before. 

Another day, another dollar. 

Post A Prayer team

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