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By: Support admin | January 27, 2019

God is good! I made it safe to minneapolis MN, and now I just need to shuttle it to Brainerd. Wow is it chilly here. Just a few more hours till I am with my bear cub. Time to alert the friends I am in town and plan some reuniting.

I remember once when I was 16 years old I ran away from home with a friend of mine. He actually ended up robbing his parents before going. We had our plane tickets booked to sunny San Diego Ca. We waited all night that night to leave the next day at the airport. Well, we didn't make it. The police arrested us both, and for me they turned me back over to my parents. My friend wasn't so lucky. He ended up being locked up in juevinal detention for six months. My parents ended up letting me go to California after all, and took me back to the airport.

Good times I tell you. Thank God for watching over every hair on my body. And I am a hairy son of a gun!

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