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By: Support admin | February 01, 2019

Tonight I spent an hour cleaning out old photos of past ex whatevers and archived them. Anything that was negative got the boot. When I was done I felt I had a clear picture of my life, and what really matters. I felt closer to God. 

Today I often feel less than when I compare myself to those around me. God has blessed men more than I, and it has been very hard for me to accept at times. What I really need to do is congratulate those men, and bow my head down with respect. For example, I wanted post a prayer to be a large thriving entity, and it simply is just not when I compare the website to others. It is my own little big failure. What the site should be, and what it is are so vast it isn't even funny. I don't know why I am so addicted to the site and its success. 

I often feel negative about the results. See, I am an introvert, and the site may have needed a more out going A type of personality person to make it succeed the way it should've.  I tip my hat to those marketeers who prayer websites have 30 and 40 thousand members. Your leaders have done an outstanding job.

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