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By: Support admin | January 26, 2019

Today was a good day. Much better than the downer yesterday I had, and helping a friend walk through the loss of her beloved pet. Today I launched my own art line of photography designed by alias name Vos Cr3pr for sell on Ebay and it feels fun.

'Vos Cr3pr'photography artwork will be exclusive to  Post A Prayer! It is just my way of having a little fun with life. So what to the world and what it cares about my opinion of what my art is, and what I want it to be exclusive to. 

I did pray today though. It wasn't that my artwork would sell off the charts either... I pray that I will get a car back in my possession soon that I defaulted on, and that I am trying to reaffirm the debt on. It has sentimental value see. My mom who has stage 4 cancer owned the car prior to me and it is really special because of that.

So back to my new art gallery hobby. I am into developing art by modifying personal pictures using technology and slapping an acrylic signature on it along with a certificate of authenticity. You will start to see  post a prayer posts in Google's My Business. This is where I will initiate the sale of a piece of art that will be exclusive to Post A Prayer! and its bottom line. I will also list the artwork for sale on Ebay with a 10% donation going to the Humane Society. I am a vegan and just love animals. The rest of the proceeds will go directly into the survival of post a prayer, and whatever else is needed. 

So who cares if one never sells, or so what if one does... That is the beauty of being a for profit Organization that will never take a dollar from its visitors. Doesn't mean you won't ever be sold something you like very much. 

In fact while I am on the topic, these schmuck churches that pray on their member's 10 % of their income make me sick to my stomach. They work 4 hours, one day a week and guilt their givers into shame if they don't deliver. Ugh. Post A Prayer! will never be like these gangsters in God's clothing. Hence that is why it so broke. Oh well because post a prayer will give you a run for your money when it comes to class and image. 

Off my soap opera box now, have a good day, may God bless you and may no one starve of hunger. Do some anonymous random kind of action every week for someone that you will not gain a financial thing from. I too need to practice this.

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