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By: Support admin | February 02, 2019

What if we didn't go to the moon and it was all just a big lie? What if the earth was flat? What if God didn't exist?

These are the questions of today. I don't even know if belief is believable anymore. Maybe it is the power of belief that keeps lies alive. If we believe it, it too shall pass.

What is the true power of the mind? Can i cure myself just by thinking it?

Why would the Government lie to us about going to the moon? What were they trying to prove?

Question your reality, I do.

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Gianna Pinto

Posted on : February 07, 2019

Today world have developed to a maximum level. Further development is
taking place. All this have resulted in man doubting about the existence
of God. They think that any creation and destruction can be done with
the hands of man. Man is capable of demolishing this world into pieces
with the deadly nuclear weapons invented by them. (visit for details)But they have to realize that
only destruction could happen from man's hands. Not any creation.
There should be a supreme power behind the creation of this complex
world. It is good if everyone tries to explore that ultimate power.

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