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By: Support admin | November 30, 2016

I'm Scott Turner and I started the site Post A Prayer .org in 2004, by putting up a simple HTML web form web-page which would collect the prayer request information or prayer post from people who were praying. Originally it was a Christian prayer only site. I converted the site into a multi-faith website that would collect prayers for all of the major religions in the world such as Islam prayers. I know how much of a sinner you may think I am if you're a Christian, but this was the direction Post A Prayer was going in. 2004 - For years I thought it would be simple to optimize a website for prayer. Wrong! It is not easy. I am a hobbyist HTML SEO/SEM coder, and when I first designed the HTML code for Post A Prayer it was on a layout based on world locations. Everything was going okay. I would get a few christian prayers here, and a few Islam prayer online there daily. But overall I was and still am disappointed with my SEO success. The site was always getting a ton of spam posts from people posting their porno website links and Gucci hand bag sites to back link to there site. So I had a part- time job just cleaning out the junk the site forum would receive. I never really understood, why target my little site? 2012 Eight years later I was still not happy with my results of online prayer, and I then revamped Post A Prayer  .org in 2012 and spent a couple thousand on the new look and feel of the site. I had  never spent a dime up to this point because I did the coding for the site  myself. I was at the twilight of my working days running a field inspection company and thought what the heck. The newly hired developer in Pakistan was and is brilliant, just  simply brilliant. I put him through the ringer in developing the site. It was very  custom becasur it was taking a prayer posted and stamping it into a forum. So some  heavy duty custom HTML/php code was  needed. On top of that the site was built in a CMS called Joomla by the hired developer in Pakistan (who I call Baber). It turned  out great but I realized quick I was co dependent on Baber. As an html coder I was very excited about  the new horizon of Post A Prayer Org, its online prayers and its visitors because of all the extensions in Joomla. I spent  another couple hundred running a PR Web ad to get some good solid back links to the site and it worked good. Not great, but good. Truth be told, I am writing this entry not because I enjoy writing or because I am an overly spiritual person; it is because I can optimize the hell out of the site with it. That and I needed to vent for all this pent-up failure that had gone on in my quest for SEO success. I did the math a long time ago, and I calculated the potential outcome on if I could get enough traffic to Post A Prayer .org I could potentially be a billionaire (oh ha ha ha you all are thinking). Yes, a billion dollars from people praying online, well actually it would be for those not praying and clicking on Google Adsense. For real though, this is how I came up with my numbers; I took my average # of visitors and the percent of or the ratio of those visitors that would click on Adsense. For example if one out of every 1000 visitors I had clicked on an ad I knew I could build a business model off of this. Why am I sharing this with you? I have failed so many times in SEO and this quest for optimization that I have nothing to loose in sharing. So the 5 year business model formula looked just like this: month      adsense/ mo     visitors praying/ mo 1          $0.10          1000 2          $0.10          2000 3          $0.20          3000 4          $0.30          5000 5          $0.50          8000 6          $0.80          13000 7          $1.30          21000 8          $2.10          34000 9          $3.40          55000 10          $5.50          89000 11          $8.90          144000 12          $14.40          233000 13          $23.30          377000 14          $37.70          610000 15          $61.00          987000 16          $98.70          1597000 17          $159.70          2584000 18          $258.40          4181000 19          $418.10          6765000 20          $676.50          10946000 21          $1,094.60          17711000 22          $1,771.10          28657000 23          $2,865.70          46368000 24          $4,636.80          75025000 25          $7,502.50          121393000 26          $12,139.30          196418000 27          $19,641.80          317811000 28          $31,781.10          514229000 29          $51,422.90          832040000 30          $83,204.00          1346269000 31          $134,626.90          2178309000 32          $217,830.90          3524578000 33          $352,457.80          5702887000 34          $570,288.70          9227465000 35          $922,746.50          14930352000 36          $1,493,035.20          24157817000 37          $2,415,781.70          39088169000 38          $3,908,816.90          63245986000 39          $6,324,598.60          102334155000 40          $10,233,415.50          165580141000 41          $16,558,014.10          267914296000 42          $26,791,429.60          433494437000 43          $43,349,443.70          701408733000 44          $70,140,873.30          1134903170000 45          $113,490,317.00          1836311903000 46          $183,631,190.30          2971215073000 47          $297,121,507.30          4807526976000 48          $480,752,697.60          7778742049000 49          $777,874,204.90          12586269025000 50          $1,258,626,902.50          *20365011074000 So you can see how SEO can spark an interest in one self because I only need 20 trillion prayers each month to make like a billion dollars. This example it is based off of the # of people visiting to the site doubling each month, month over month. I would be Sundar Pichai best friend (CEO of Google) if that were to happen (or he would be  mine). Back to my story, it was 2012 and I launched the newly revamped website that was expensive (for me), and executed the PR web marketing. I was trying everything under the sun from making a WordPress blog to posting on hub pages to YouTube, name it. The traffic results were still minimal. I could see that SEO, and testify that it is an ugly beast that is not easily tamed. I was praying  for someone to just help with my SEO, like God. I literally was praying for help because this is a frustrating gig trying to optimize this site. It wasn't that I hadn't learned a lot, because I have, it is the delays like being dependent on a developer for everything. This was a huge mistake because had I just keep coding horribly the site would have continued to optimize versus look pretty. We have rolled out the new site version and are filling in all the links thanks to Zoho site builder. Check out the new site. Visit Too be continued....

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Posted on : November 14, 2018

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