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By: CEO - Scott Turner | April 03, 2019

Third time trying to post this blog message. So here we go... Addiction and God need to go hand in hand in order for recovery to be possible. I should know as I spent my twenties from 23 to 33 clean and sober.

For me the journey was a lonesome one. You need to embrace loneliness or step outside of the box to meet people because when you are sober it cuts off your social network plug. It wasn't easy going against the grain and being sober when I was 23. Fortunately for me when I drank an asshole button got pushed and it just didn't work out well for me, ever. Nothing worst than being high, wanting to network and you just can't being of being to wasted.

God and addiction need to go hand in hand if you plan on staying sober. I really had to 'bow down' (hip hop thump), and really turn a ton of shit over to God. Ongoing.

Everyday I had to, and still have to 'bow down' even though my views on being sober are not necessarily the same after twenty years. The act of kneeling and praying in a set aside quiet time space is powerful.

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