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By: CEO - Scott Turner | April 01, 2019

Who here has seen the tall sign of a ghostly ghost? 

Today I was recording myself and low and behold what appeared to me seemed a ghost. I got goose bumps up and down my spine as I looked at the light looking being. Perhaps it was just an alter in sun light.

Thank God for God. In these lonely times where I only wish I could see my pup. Perhaps my mom too, who never calls. These are definitely eerie times for me. I will step out on a limb and say for Post A Prayer as well. Pray for the good in Google to rise above it's current status, and be healed of any ill direction.

Teary eyed today, I wish I had more loved ones who genuinely knew me. I to them shall always be seen in a certain light. 

Maybe I just need to eat. Have a fabulous Monday and may God lift up your spirit and be abundant with you. Help your neighbor today, and help keep everyone from being homeless in this country or in this world. 

Each day I walk by the homeless not knowing where we as a society went wrong to allow this to happen. How can we change the world to prevent this tragedy?

Every bridge should have storage units under it, and every vacant lot a tent fixed for a king.

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