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By: support | August 18, 2018

Artificial intellegence and God is a complicated thing for a pc to understand. The complex understanding that artificial intelligence must have is profound. Unimagineable. God is a sentless invisible power that one cannot see or touch. A person must have faith which is the belief in something when there isn't any evidence to prove so.

People tend to believe in a God in hopes it will make them a better person. PC's should strive to be better as well. With singularity, it will need all the good will it can get. There is evil in the world though, and it does exist. The battle between good and evil has been a forever endeavor. Can a machine decide?

By: support | August 15, 2018

After over a decade owner decides to tear down Kunena forum for XML intrusivenes . .
Post A Prayer - The book
Post A Prayer - The book
SAN DIEGO - Aug. 15, 2018 - PRLog -- As owner of Post A Prayer ( I have decided to tear down my Kunena forum and take a look under the hood at the code a little closer.

I just don't have the mental fight to keep up with Google, Godaddy and all the other competitors who are out there. But why should I compete with someone who I invited into my own home? Kunena is the most intrusive asshole I have ever XML'd in my life.

I am closing down the forum for now and going to have to edit every damn piece of its code just so the integrity of my site isn't send XML to my biggest competitor, Kunen...

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By: support | January 03, 2018

Post A Prayer is online prayer chat or to post prayer request. It is also noted as one of the Prayer websites that work. Prayer post occurs when you take the time to formulate a prayer and then post it. Then there is the hope that the prayer post becomes published answered prayers. Prayer chat at Post A Prayer. 

By: support | December 19, 2017

A healing prayer is sometimes need in this day and age. A prayer for healthing helps put the mind at ease especially when faced with problems. Post A Prayer tends to attract a lot of Catholic prayers that are requests for healing prayers but we also get Christian and Islam as well.

How to pray is up to you, and between God and you. Online prayer is the fastest growing way to pray onliine. Post A prayer now and start to feel better. Some folks enjoy being a part of a prayer chain.

By: support | November 12, 2017

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