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By: support | December 28, 2016

The other day I was in a car accident where a driver of another vehicle hit me in a T-bone fashion. When I became aware we were going to make impact and I truly thought I may die, I had a long 2 seconds in the accident to address God, call out to him, and kinda make peace with him. It was quit strange because it almost seemed like time stopped for a moment, God came down, adjusted the cars correctly so I would walk away without a scratch.

I found it very natural to be in prayer in a what was perceived to me as my last moments on earth for a brief few seconds. I had been angry with God recently too, and he still had me walk away from my car being totaled without a scratch. I did hit my head pretty good, but the airbags saved me from glass splatter and further head trauma.

The accident went like this>>turn my head to look for traffic>> realize there is an oncoming vehicle plunging into my vehicle with no hopes of stopping>> stop, breath, pray. BAAMM!! The impact shattered all driver side windows, bent the car frame and deployed the airbags and embedded the other vehicle into my car.

I thank God that I am able to type this blog today and do not question his existence. Prayer online has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years now and I am glad to contribute what I have.

Scott Turner


Post A Prayer

By: support | April 29, 2012

The power of prayer working has been Post A Prayer's motto for some time. Since the sites inception in 2004 we have received tons of powerful prayers and have received report back from prayer members that prayers are answered and what some may consider being a miracle prayer. The range of member prayers and their topics range from deliverance prayers, health concern prayers, prayers for healing and prayers for guidance. We hope to add a share feature that will allow you to send your prayer to social media sites in the next quarter of 2012. Our prayer forum offers prayers for women, short prayers, and any other type of prayer you can imagine. Site owner, Scott Turner states, "Post A Prayer's future is bright! We take the prayer business very serious and are working very hard to improve the sites popularity." Turner, who has invested heavily in the sites revamp says the reason the future for post a prayer is exciting is because we are amulti-faith prayer center which means we can attract members who are from the following faiths: Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Traditional,primal-indigenous, sikhism, secular, African, Juche, Spiritism, Judaism, Bahai,Janism, Unitarian Universalism, and Rastafari Movement. This kind of reach can position us to be the largest prayer website in the world. Post A Prayer is waiting for its approval from the IRS for a tax exempt status for a religious non-profit. We ask for your prayers that this status is granted. We are very proud to offer prayer services for all major faiths. As mentioned about, we now have Islamic prayers, Buddhist prayers just to name a couple. The beautiful thing about praying online at Post A Prayer is that all faiths are welcome, and anyone from any faith or background can pray online.

By: support | April 29, 2012

The newly revamped online prayer site is looking forward to adding to its prayer base through an agreesive marketing plan. Prayer online has never been easier to use for all major relions. The multi-faith prayer center offers a prayer center for Christian prayer, Islam prayer, and all otther major faiths. 

This site has serious prayers for examples those with cancer, and prayers for those who are out there making decisions that one may find regretful. For example, this prayer posted by one of our members states, "...I met this woman through a mutual friend! We had this attraction that was just unexplainable...".

Post A Prayer's CEO and founder, Scott Turner stated, "Prayer is an interesting industry. There really isn't a cap on the market size. Our goal is to provide the world with a safe place to prayer regardless of the faith you are."

The prayer website has experience a surge of Christian prayers in the first quarter, and Islamic prayers are starting to trickle in. The site was just revamped in January 2012, with hopes to build a long lasting forum for all faiths. 

PostA Prayer’s goal is to build a brand offering free online prayer services forindividuals who would like to prayer online. We wanted to keep the prayer sitesimple, like Google. When the site was being developed, user interface was putfirst. New features are being added such as the ability to share your prayersonline with social media sites like facebook, digg, and other online hubs.