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By: Support admin | December 11, 2016

Prayer is a form of  meditation prayer to a  creator or God. Prayer is an internal voice that generally gives thanks or shows gratitude, or a prayer request can be one that requests help for a special need in ones life. An example of a prayer request would be: "Please help Post A Prayer become high ranking in the search engines so that we can reach as many souls as possible." or "Thank you for all the people we have been able to help over the years."

By: Support admin | May 22, 2012

People who post and pray online get a sense of relief knowing they get to release or turn over their troubles and concerns. Faith online is very important and Post A Prayer (P,A.P.) intends to lead the way in virtual worship. The great thing about the site is it allows people to release their problems and pray from anywhere around the world. We have serious topics posted, for example, a few days ago someone posted that they were going to commit suicide. No one may know exactly how or when worship started, however, we know prayer online is picking up after extensive case studies. Folks seem happy judging by the number of prayers being posted online at P.A.P., and by the different amount of religions participating. 

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