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Post a prayer on-line at Post A Prayer, an on-line prayer request web form. We welcome all faiths to make on-line prayer requests. Praying has been a habit of man as long as history books can go back. When you post a prayer on-line at Post A Prayer dot org you will be posting in a safe environment. We take great pride in removing any and all Spam posted to the on-line prayer forum. Please post into the faith you pray in. For example do not post Christian prayers into Islam nor Islam into Christian. Abuse of this may result in prayer removal. Post A Prayer dot org reserves the right to remove any prayer at anytime and post your prayer on your behalf. Post a prayer request now!

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Post A Prayer is an on-line prayer request website where you can submit prayers on-line and pray on-line. When you post a prayer , your prayer is then stamped into the form below; your prayer on-line then becomes public. Post a prayer quick, and submit a prayer on-line in minutes using this prayer form. If you want a private prayer you may use the contact us page above. Post A Prayer is responsive and the prayer post website works in all devices.

How to pray:

Prayer is a form of meditation and prayer to a creator or God. 24-7 prayer is an internal voice that generally gives thanks or shows gratitude, and a prayer request can be one that requests help for a special need in ones life. An example of a on-line prayer request would be: "Please help help me financially so I can feed my family and afford a place to live." or "Thank you for all the people who have prayed on-line at Post A Prayer over the 14 years we have been on-line for." Post a prayer request and pray on-line NOW!

When to pray:

Anytime is a good time to pray, but you generally want to set aside five or ten minutes to have this private time or conversation with God. Prayer can be done in public, however, this is not as common as a private prayer. Prayer when you feel sad or happy.

Why do you want to pray?

Typically it makes one feel closer to God, whom they believe in. There are many different names for the word God, and you want to pray to have a good relationship with God.

Who should pray?

Everyone who feels the need in their life. Prayer expression is who we are and who we want to become.

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