post a prayer - - is a prayer request website that welcomes all religions to post a prayer. Anyone, anywhere, anytime may post a prayer using the google form prayer request form below.

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#postaprayer - post a prayer is a for profit organization that doesn't solicit any money from its visitors. The site was established in 2004, and offers a safe environment to pray for any religion. post a prayer - now at:


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Tip: Pray for someone you love.

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Post A Prayer! ( post a prayer is a prayer request website with an HTML web form that allows you to post a prayer into a prayer wall, and prayer group. It started in 2004 with a phpbb2 forum, and an HTML5 web form page that would collect and process the prayers. Post a prayer now welcomes all faiths, and religions to publish a prayer online and make a prayer request using the prayer request form.
Praying has been a habit of man as long as the history books go back in time. It is the act of oneself meditating, and worshiping to God who is a higher power. It is a personal relationship between God (which no one can judge but God). Here at post a prayer - you can publish prayers free, easy and we are committed to not asking you to donate any money, not one single dime. We may market to you at the discretion of the site to sell you special promotions.
You are welcome to visit us again to publish answered prayers because this is not your average prayer site. Miracles do happen. When you - post a prayer request at (post a prayer) you will be making a prayer post in a safe environment. We attempt to remove any and all Spam and hate like posts.
Please post prayer request into the faith, or category, that you wish to pray too when submitting a prayer. For example: do not post a Christian prayer into the Islam prayer category, nor Islam prayer into Christian prayer category. The site's goal is to embrace one's belief not to change one's belief. Abuse of this may result in prayer post removal, and you may be banned from the site.
The IP address may be logged for those who post a prayer on the website. Post A Prayer reserves the right to remove any prayer, at any-time, for any reason and/ or post your prayer on your behalf within the site, on Post A Prayer YouTube or any of post a prayer affiliate websites. Post prayer requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Again, Post a Prayer is a prayer request website where you can submit prayers using the prayer webform to pray online. When you post a prayer, your prayer is then passed electronically from the web form onto and into the prayer wall and prayer forums and/or your prayer then becomes public, and may become a part the post a prayer Google Group forum, and Yahoo forum and Post A Prayer! YouTube video. If you want a private prayer you must use the 'contact us' page on this page.
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*Post A Prayer typically is a responsive mobile website for phone, mobile and tablet frameworks.

A prayer is a form of meditation and prayer to the creator of man or God. Prayer is an internal voice or reason that generally gives thanks, shows gratitude, leads in a positive way, or can be a cry for help in desperate need. A prayer request can be one that requests help for a special need in someone's life, or in your own life. An example of a prayer request would be: "Please help me financially so I can feed my family, and afford a place to live in peace." or "Bless all the people who have prayed and posted prayers over the years on this website, and may their prayers be answered." You can pray NOW!

When to posta prayer:

Anytime is a good time to post a prayer, but you generally want to set aside five or ten minutes (or more) to have private time or a conversation or meditation with God. Prayer can be done in public, however, this is not as common as prayer in private. It is also be done when you feel sad or happy. Some faiths or religions have set times for you to pray and ask you to pray at a specific time.

Why do you want to Post a prayer?

Typically it makes one feel closer to God to Post A Prayer, when you believe in God. Belief is the key to faith. There are many different names for the word God, and you want to pray so that have a good relationship with God.

Who should #post #a #prayer?

Everyone who feels that there is a need in their life, a void, or a need to make an expression of their inner thoughts. You should pray because it tends to make people feel better about oneself, and helps guide them in times of struggle.
Post A Prayer has seen prayers from ALL sorts of types of religions and faiths. It even has an Atheist section which receives prayer on a regular basis for people who have little or no faith. If you have any issues, comments, concerns or contributions with Post A Prayer you may email
You can post a prayer in the *public web form or email prayers .

Privacy statement and disclaimer:

*When you enter or visit the post a prayer - website, you enter at your own risk and agree to hold harmless any and all entities associated with Spam is sometimes posted in the forum or webpage form which may include inappropriate comments or content. Please flag or report if found by contacting support at When visiting or entering the site you agree to hold harmless Post A Prayer et al . Public prayers are made PUBLIC when using the 'Post A Prayer request form' so that others may pray for you. Prayers may be posted into a prayer group(s), prayer forums, post a prayer YouTube videos, as well other affiliate or partner sites. **Your information is made PUBLIC as a result when not sending a private prayer request email. We cannot guarantee that all prayers are made public, and reserve the right to decide which prayers are not made public. For confidential and private prayers please email support at