Post A Prayer's

Project Definition


Mission Statement


Post a prayer's mission is to stay alive first. Next post a prayer shall combat poverty, depression, weaknesses, illness, thievery and just plain rooted evil in the world. It shall obtain this by means of staying positive and producing positive results. It will take from those who take from it, and give it back to the wholesome good in the world, and those who need help.

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The Purpose (Mission)

  • To identify those that need help and those who are willing to help.
  • To use efficiently and effectively all possible resources for nature of good.
  • To make the world more safe and a better place.
  • To stop violence that may occur throughout the world.
  • To help God manage authorities who manage land, space, time, dementions, parallel universe, sea and anything alien.

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Stop cyber crime and those who commit it.
  • Feed the poor and shelter the homeless.
  • To help those in need whether rich or poor with areas of help that may be needed in their lives.
  • Realize worlds of peace, love and happiness.

This is how the Post A Prayer organization will gain.

  • It will gain by means of promotion and attraction.
  • It will reinvest into itself a necessary amount to keep competitive and stay in front of competing forces.
  • It shall identify prosperous opportunity in a fair and just manner.
  • It shall make from time to time acquisitions that advance its knowledge, technology, position, and ecological system.


Post A Prayer's objectives at this time are private and proprietary.

Measurable Objectives:

  1. In development.
  2. In development.
  3. In development.


Peace, prosperity, health and happiness.

Project Constraints